B i o g r a p h y

Joe Orrach, actor, dancer, singer and solo artist, performs worldwide on stage, television and in motion picture features. Joe started on the streets of NYC, 72nd and Broadway. On stage, he has performed with Joan Baez, Bob Hope, the Smothers Brothers, Michael Davis, Liliane Montevechi, Bill Irwin, David Shiner, Melissa Manchester, and the Cookie Monster, to name a few. He has tap danced with such greats as Gregory Hines, Jimmy Slyde and Savion Glover. Some of the late masters Joe has the honor to have danced with are the Nicholas Brothers, Honi Coles, Charles "Cookie" Cook, Chuck Green and Lon Cheney. He has toured Europe and Asia, as well as the US, with solo and duo acts. Joe has been directed by Woody Allen (Everyone Says I Love You), James Mangold (Copland), Patrick Dempsey (White Elephant), Tim Boxell (Valley of the Heart's Delight) and David Shiner (Nacht Mund). CNN International profiled Joe on "People in the Arts." 

In San Francisco, Joe performed as one of Teatro Zinzanni’s “power acts” from 2000 to 2006, creating such characters as Tino the Puerto Rican parking attendant, Gentleman Joe the Barbary Coast Pugilistic hoofer, Joey the short-order cook and Alister the bookworm who transforms himself into a world-class boxing champion.

Joe is considered a "throwback" performer by many of his peers to an era where heart and soul were the most important ingredients. Like some of his predecessors from vaudeville, Joe combines a hip street-wise feel with the beauty and sophistication of the theatre. He has taken song, storytelling, dance and boxing and crossed over seamlessly from stage to film.