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T e a c h i n g

Joe Orrach teaches acting and movement for both actors and non-professionals. With experience spanning universities across the US, theatre and community workshops, high schools, athletic teams, and private instruction in the US and Europe, Joe also specializes in stage combat and textual interpretation.

Beginning as a tap dance instructor and boxing trainer, Joe developed a program to guide individuals in transitioning personal stories into dramatic performances. His teaching philosophy stems from his own journey, transitioning from a street performer in NYC to pursuing a graduate degree in theatre at USC. Drawing from his diverse background, Joe emphasizes the importance of interpretive intelligence and mastering physical, psychological, and emotional awareness in performance.

Inspired by Isadora Duncan's concept of "the freest use of the most intelligent body," Joe's teaching focuses on integrating physicality with mental and emotional aspects to unlock new potentials. He draws from his experiences with renowned teachers like Graciela Daniele, Bill Irwin, and David Shiner to emphasize the significance of the body in communication and expression.

Joe's teaching approach aims to help students reclaim their primary acting instrument—the body—with wisdom and experience. By unifying the body, mind, and emotions, students can access their creative imagination and explore a range of possibilities. Central to Joe's method is the recognition of choices in every movement, guiding students to embody characters authentically.

Known for his passion for the craft, Joe's teaching style inspires and transports students, fostering a deep appreciation for the art form while coaxing out their authentic selves.

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